Whats 20,000 children to a muhfucka like me, can you please remind me?

Ball so hard, this shit crazy
30 minute youtube video don’t phase me

They killed Osama and Sadam and I’m walking around like shit gravy 

Posts on Facebook, this shit weird, my pic ain’t posed to be therePyscho, my kids are liable to go Michael … take your pickMyers, Myers, Myers, they’ll kill with sticks 

Ball so hard, get’em young before they walk, Issue them with standard glocks.  
Carl Weathers? That’s Shop’d! Got more kids than Kidz Bop. 
Ball so hard, I’m shocked too, I’m supposed to be locked up too
Snatchin’ kids, Like I snatched.
Got toddlers from here to Timbuktuuuuuuu 

Ball so hard!
Lets get slaves, South Sudan for like 6 days, “Lords Resistance”, killin kids, spillin blood on my sick j’s
US soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A U.S. service member killed at least 15 members of two Afghan families as well as a 16th person before turning himself in, witnesses and officials said Sunday.

The soldier, who has yet to be identified, reportedly left his base in the early hours Sunday and went to two villages just a few hundred yards away. He then opened fire on Afghan civilians sleeping in their homes, Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs Asadullah Khalid told Reuters. The service member entered three homes in the villages in Kandahar province, he said.

(Source: demons, via chartermage)